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Trailer mounted skip bins for hire

Our Skip Bins

Our Skip Bins

Our skip bins hold a generous 4 cubic meters (equivalent to 16 wheelie bins), are trailer mounted and are easily transported with a 4wd or ute. This is one factor of our operation that keeps our overheads down, resulting in cheaper skips to our customers. This also means that if required they can be easily moved around or between work sites, they are able to be positioned in places where many other skips aren’t, such as narrow lanes, or low level car parks. Our bins can even fit in your garage! Your bin will be closer to your rubbish, saving time, effort and $$.

The bins are fitted with lockable lids, ensuring that only your waste goes in the bins (not your neighbour’s!) and any lightweight material doesn’t get blown out.

No permits required. As the skips are on registered trailers, a parking space is all that’s needed.

No need to worry about damaging driveways. The trailer stays with the bin so the rubber tyres are all that is in contact with driveways.

Same day bookings are often available, and where time is crucial, we are able to wait until the bin is filled and move on asap.

We strive to recycle as much collected waste as possible, reducing the need for landfill. Our bins are suitable for all types of waste, including green waste, with the exceptions of hazardous materials, liquids, asbestos and tyres. (See acceptable rubbish types for full details).

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